Ken’s on his back today. HIs lower back froze up in pain as he reached out to pick up his coffee cup. And all it took was a little muscle to go haywire.


Many call it a “Coder’s back” – since it is so common in people that sit in front of a computer for long hours – and nothing like a streak of intense coding to get it started.


And they share similar stories

  • Except for the occasional twinge and stiff back, everything is just fine
  • Your back suddenly seizes and you are bent over in excruciating pain, and you go “this can’t be happening to me!”
  • You have trouble standing or moving without help
  • Not moving helps the pain go away but any movement involving the back becomes impossible!
  • It lasts for a few days or more, and goes away with resting up.

Ice, heat, physio, Yoga or quitting smoking?


Have you had Coder’s Back?


How do you deal with it?

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