Question What makes the SandPuppy so special?
AnswerGlad you asked. SandPuppy is not your every day heating belt. Unlike common heating pads which have a thin electric filament, Sand Puppy is made with a flexible carbon fibre with superior heating performance that does not deteriorate over time. The patent-applied heating element structure is designed to be “reflective”, focusing most of the energy into your body for maximum relief. Finally, the Sand Puppy is designed for safety – it will NOT work when plugged into mains. That’s right! We made sure it works only with its own battery power, which is of a much lower voltage than the mains of your home, making it literally the safest heating belt possible.
Question How do I get a warranty for my SandPuppy?
AnswerYou already did, when you installed and signed in with your email on the
sand puppy app. (if you haven’t done that yet, now would be a good time!).
Question How often can I use SandPuppy?
AnswerWell, as often as you like. We built in a auto shut off at 1 hour to make sure you don’t overuse it or need to go to sleep while wearing it. But do remember, if you find yourself using it every day, make sure you talk to a medical professional. We recommend using it in Auto Mode which cycles the heat in 20 minute ON-OFF cycles.
Question What does the app do apart from controlling the belt?
AnswerGreat question! The app records your usage over time and syncs that data with the cloud, allowing us to track its critical performance metrics and alerting us in advance if there’s anything going wrong with it. There’s no other heating belt on the planet that does all this. Told you we have your back!
Question How do I clean the product ?
AnswerUnfortunately, we don’t guarantee the product for a machine wash, but it is relatively later resistant. For stubborn stains, use a stain remover foam or liquid and wash the area with a small quantity of water.However, ensure that you use the product only after it is completely dry. We suggest using the the product a minimum of 12 hours after cleaning the product with any water.

For accidental wetting of the product, refer above.

We don’t recommend any dry cleaning, or tumble drying.

Question How much does the battery last?
AnswerDepends on the mode you are using it in. We designed for continuous use for up to a hour in MAX heat and vibrate mode.
Question Product Disposal
AnswerAfter the product has finished its life, do dispose it responsibly along with other electronic waste. For any clarifications, write to us at info@afferent.in
Question What’s the life of the product?
AnswerUsed well, there’s no reason the product can’t work for a decade or more.